SHS Cortex – the startup directory for the Swiss healthcare ecosystem 

The SHS Cortex is an interactive digital directory that unifies information about SHS startup members, such as elevator pitch, area, product and funding stage, origin and much more. Only SHS startup and institutional members have access to the SHS Cortex.

If you want to become an institutional member of Swiss Healthcare Startups please get in touch with us by e-mail.

What’s the benefit of being a SHS startup member?

We bring our SHS startup members together with the right partner at the right time. We do this through personal introductions based on your cortex profile, our personal interactions at events and on a 1:1 basis. You are invited to participate and engage in valuable networking at our events free of charge. Depending on fit and availability, we provide you with the opportunity to pitch your ventures. We also help to increase your visibility through our social media channels, events and our SHS Cortex directory. Last but not least, we offer you other benefits such as free or reduced price access to partner events, etc.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights


*Some startups are active in multiple categories. This graphic provides insight into the ratio of the respective mentions.