Past Events

Digital Health Day Zurich 2018

October 30, 2018

Kraftwerk, Zurich

The first Digital Health Day took place in Zurich on 30 October 2018. This exclusive event was an initiative of the Engagement Migros development fund and the Swiss Healthcare Startups Association in collaboration with digitalswitzerland, Startupbootcamp Digital Health, Evoleen, Kraftwerk and Venture Kick. The objective of the event was to develop an action plan and put together a task force made up of key players to drive the digitalisation of healthcare in Switzerland.

Keynotes with renowned international and national speakers, panels on current challenges in healthcare and discussions with startups and industry were dedicated to the development and promotion of the healthcare ecosystem in Switzerland.

A day for progress

The event was divided into three sessions and centred on the collaboration within this ecosystem, the focus on topics such as user experience for patients, and the scaling of innovative solutions inside and outside Switzerland. In one day, a sandbox was framed for the Swiss healthcare sector and the course has been set for a rapid and effective development of the industry.

  • Session 1 dealed with the framework conditions for the international development of startups. The leap beyond national borders involves a wide variety of challenges that need to be mastered.
  • Session 2 has been concentrating on high-calibre healthcare startups from Switzerland. Patient orientation was of central importance here.
  • Session 3 was mainly dedicated to cross-sector developments and successful collaboration between startups and companies.

Far from the usual discussion

Digital Health Day Zurich brought together change-makers and innovative minds from the field of healthcare. In contrast to other healthcare conferences, the focus here was not only on providing information but also on joint progress. The event aimed to make an active contribution to the development of the Swiss healthcare system and mobilise the field’s influencers and companies to take part.