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SHS Public – FemTech and its importance for Swiss healthcare

September 15, 2021

Technopark Winterthur

The topic of FemTech is on the rise and is one of the megatrends in the health sector. It refers to medical technologies and services for women (by women). New technical products that are tailored to the needs of the female part of the population are facing increased demand and have gained enormous importance. Viewing the male body as the norm can lead to misdiagnosis and bias in research, diagnostics and therapy.
How does healthcare and research deal with this? Is it possible to overcome this gender bias, and if so, how? Are only women eligible for this? And what role does FemTech play and will it play in the future?

We gained insights into difficulties and shortcomings in research around FemTech, but also the growth in awareness and the power and innovation that drives many FemTech entrepreneurs.  💪🏼

Thank you to our inspiring guests, the wonderful and innovative FemTech community and to Technopark Winterthur AG for the amazing ambiance.


Welcome Speech by Olivia Zollinger, CEO Swiss Healthcare Startups and Fabian Unteregger, MD and Member of the SHS Board

Dr. Thomas Schumann, Managing Director Technopark Winterthur

“Challenges and Opportunities when building a Women’s Health Start-up Brand”
Daniela Schardinger, Vice President Marketing & Medical Affairs at OCON Healthcare, Advisor FemTech Lab (UK). She has well over a decade of experience in Marketing, Sales and Medical Management in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries around the globe, having previously led and built up a Swiss Pharmaceutical Start-up as Managing Director.

“How Can We Boost Innovation in Women’s Health?”
Dr. Chandra P. Leo Leo is an Investment Advisor at HBM Partners, a healthcare-focused investment firm. He has over twenty years of experience in venture capital, clinical practice and biomedical research, including the field of women’s health.


4️⃣ PANEL moderated by Fabian Unteregger, MD
- Isabelle Siegrist, Business Hatcher at Sandborn with a lot of research based experience on bias in female founders receiving funds.
Oriana Kraft, Medicine student at ETH Zurich and aspiring medtech founder. She organized the first FemTech Conference at ETH Zurich in May 2021.
Lara Dittfeld, founder and CEO of Aella Labs (coming soon), the world's biggest infertility survey. She graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University with over 20 years of experience in multinationals corporations and startups.
Chandra P. Leo, Investment Advisor at HBM Partners
Daniela Schardinger, Vice President Marketing & Medical Affairs at OCON Health