SHS Cortex – a startup database for the Swiss healthcare ecosystem 

We can finally announce the long-awaited realization of the Swiss Healthcare Startups map. Under a new name we proudly present you the SHS Cortex – an interactive database that unifies relevant information about Swiss healthcare startups. All startups shown on the platform are automatically registered as a member of SHS. It’s providing full exposure and the opportunity for peer-to-peer connections to our Corporate Members. 

What’s the benefit of presenting your startup on the SHS Cortex and being an SHS Startup Member?

  • As an SHS Startup Member you’ll have access to a vast network of stakeholders and expertise.
  • Network support on a 1:1 basis.
  • You won’t miss any invitations to SHS workshops and events.
  • Join prime events such as Digital Health Day, SHS Public, SHS Cru and many more free of charge.
  • Benefit of the exposure and the opportunity for peer-to-peer connections to our corporate members. 
  • The access is exclusive for SHS Startup Members and SHS Corporate Members. The database is not accessible for the public.
  • Becoming an SHS startup member and being part of the SHS Cortex is completely free for startups.

So if you are a startup adding value to the Swiss Healthcare ecosystem, then you’re welcome to join the SHS Cortex and become an SHS Startup Member. Just head over to our database and fill in the information needed on a regular basis to create your companys profile. 

➔ Go to the SHS Cortex and become a member

If you're not a startup but want to become a corporate member of Swiss Healthcare Startups please get in touch with us by e-mail.