We create, develop and activate the relevant community in healthcare. We identify and connect the relevant stakeholders to improve visibility and interconnectivity of startups in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to facilitate the breakthrough of innovation towards a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare system in Switzerland.

Our Event Portfolio

SHS Nouveau

SHS Noveau has a focus on early stage startups presenting their ideas within 3 minutes to an interdisciplinary jury. After the presentation, the startups receive spontaneous and honest feedback from the jury members on the projects presented.


SHS Cru presents exclusively selected startups from our network to the partners of SHS in an intimate setting. Startups get a timeframe of max. 5 minutes to pitch their ideas followed by a relaxed but challenging exchange with the partners.

SHS Grand Cru

SHS Grand Cru is a partner only event. A keynote speech by a wellknown guest throughout the evening followed by an exclusive networking platform.

SHS Public

SHS Public sets a frame for up to 100 guests mainly for the Swiss healthcare and startup scene. Keynotes, panels and partner presentations are held and industry-related topics are discussed. SHS Public brings everyone together. 

SHS Combat

SHS Combat invites guests such as main players in the Swiss healthcare system for a one-on-one talk. The frame is accompanied by discussions with the audience, startup pitches and networking. 

SHS Conference

SHS Conference sets the scale for bigger events up to 300 guests and is an eco-system booster. This comprehensive event includes keynote international speakers, panel-discussions, startup-pitches and side sessions such as workshops, gamification and many more.    

With the support of Engagement Migros, the pioneering project smarter healthcare set the goal to solving blockades in the healthcare system through targeted innovation. Learn more about the project.

Switzerland is one of the leading healthcare countries in the world.

Swiss Healthcare Startups is a non-profit organization helping to accelerate and develop new startup ideas in the fields of novel healthcare models, digital health, medtech and patient driven medical services.